Mini Constant Temperature And Humidity Cigar Storage Cabinet

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Material: Tempered glass

Model Number: B1F-FH22A

Name 1: Cigar Humidor

Rated voltage: 220-240V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Power: 55W

Capacity: 23/25/50L


Experience the ultimate storage solution with our premium humidor cabinet.

With touchscreen temperature regulating from 54-73℉, you can freely adjust to meet various humidor storage needs.

The double-layered glass provides insulation and protects your items from heat and light.

Crafted with Spanish cedar, the shelves and drawers maintain humidity levels, while the gauge offers real-time monitoring.

The built-in fan and ventilation ensure efficient circulation, while the gemstone blue LED lighting adds convenience at night. With semi-conductor technology, the machine works silently and will not disturb your sleep and work.

54℉-73℉ Touchscreen Control

Our 23L humidor cabinet maintains a temperature range of 54-74℉for optimal storage. It features a user-friendly touch screen for effortless temp adjustments with a few simple clicks. The LED display allows for real-time monitoring of the inner temp at all times


Double-Layered Glass, Improved Insulation

The humidor's double-layered glass construction enhances insulation, effectively shielding your stored items from external heat and light sources. This ensures a stable environment, preserving the flavor and freshness of products inside


Cedar Shelves and Drawers

This humidor comes with a capacity of 23L, and 2 shelves and a drawer crafted with Spanish cedar, providing a capacity of 120-140 rolls. The natural properties of cedar help maintain humidity levels and offer a pleasant aroma, while a humidity gauge on the drawer provides real-time reading


360°Efficient Circulation

Featuring a built-in fan and large side and back ventilation holes, the cabinet achieves 360°all round circulation, promoting consistent temperature and humidity levels for your items. Note that the humidity cannot be manually adjusted but can be maintained by adding water into the included tanks


Convenient Nighttime Usage

Enjoy the convenience of nighttime usage with our soothing gemstone blue LED lighting. It helps to access and organize your items easily while maintaining a tranquil ambiance. The semi-conductor silent cooling system ensures a peaceful environment for uninterrupted rest



23L humidor*1, cedar wood shelves*2, cedar wood drawer*1, acrylic water box*2, cutter*1, user manual*1

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